O M   N A M A H  S H I V A Y A 
Namaste'! This is Beatrice
My yoga journey began over 20 years ago.
Since then the practice - on the mat and in life - is the daily appointment with myself!

Sometimes natural, sometimes out of discipline, always new and capable
to restore clarity, harmony, energy, make me find compassion, love, enthusiasm
towards myself and others.

Yoga has always been the way to "feel good" - in the body, in the mind. In the soul.
In connection with nature, others. With life and my meaning.
The way to evolve towards a fuller awareness and experience of who I am.

Through body and breath, through meditation, yoga has cured me, awakened me, accompanied me to know myself better, to live in a healthier, more inclusive and
at the same time aligned way with a more intimate "feeling".

And every day yoga accompanies me and offers me - again and again - to integrate the "spirit" into life.

Naturally inspired by life, by contributing and creating awareness, evolution and connection, I love sharing yoga as a way to "be" and live well, move with presence, vibrate and radiate the light that we are; unite the material and subtle aspects, and make life's journey lighter, more joyful, meaningful and full.

The heart of my practice is Hata Raja yoga, a vibrant listening and inhabiting the body and awakening the mind to the peace and silence of being, which underlie presence, dynamism, joyful contentment.

My continuous practice and personal research can be found in my very experiential classes, where I love to cultivate body awareness beyond styles, the ability to connect deeply, listening and devotion as purity and fulfilling union - and above all the invitation to a personal realization of the practice as a continuous exploration of oneself in life.

If you've never practiced with me, explore the free Sunday morning practices - Sunday@yourSelf.
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