O M   N A M A H A   S H I V A Y A 
expand your self

Yoga is an experience, a state of being in life.
And the practice makes us find again
connection and joyful presence,
the space and the silence in which that expereince happens

pause . be . connect .

my story
Beyond the stories we tell ourselves, the events and opposites that our lives go through,
what we are in essence and what we do in every moment to experience it,
being present and connected is what makes us more free, authentic, vital -
what makes us grow and evolve, what awakens us to the fullness that we are
and to a brighter, expanded life full of meaning, grace and inspiration.

j o y   a n d   c o m p l e t e n e s s  
a r e  y o u r  n a t u r e 

r e a d  m o r e
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Restore to Reconnect
with Beatrice Iulini

A unique immersion to take care of body and mind,
rekindling deep connection to your Self and nature,
in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

3rd-8th December
Lake Orta

m o v e m e n t  .  p r a n a  .  s o u n d  .  m e d i t a t i o n  .

BEGIN WITH                          SELF-CONNECTION
Online Free Morning Practice in English  

27th November 2022  8:30-9:30 am
Subtle Yoga and Meditation to awaken the body and the mind.


Dhyana Yoga
Lo Yoga della Meditazione

28th November-18th December 2022
6 Classes on demands to explore the practice and experience of Meditation. 


Detox & Deep Rest

6-8 January 2023
Yogic and ayurvedic practices to cleanse the body, purify the mind and bring deep restorative rest to the whole system nurturing inner connection, getting back the experience of our own nature.


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