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Experience and Essence of Meditation

of Meditation

More and more, wellbeing is increasingly defined as Stillness and Peace.
The need is to keep ourselves strong and stable, managing the mind, while nurturing peace and joy.

The ancient knowledge of Dhyana Yoga teaches us how to get stability
from a sense of perfection, ease and joy that arise from within us.


... they recreate space when the mind is too crowded
of thoughts, worries, dramas, fluctuations ...

... they teach us how to "attend" a state of consciousness 
that belongs to us from which we live 
in a more free, agile, radiant and joyful way.

A 6-class path, to open up 
to the experience of a more 
mindful presence and "friendly" mind.

Getting inspired by the knowledge of the texts of the tradition
- Bhagavad Gita and Vijnana Bhairava -
let's explore the experience of meditation in practice
and cultivate a meditative state of mind
to be able to live daily in a more conscious, vital and fulfilling way.

Classes are Live on Zoom as I believe that practicing with a sangha (a group)
even if online it nourishes our experience and teaches us to honor the practice
with dedicated time while holding space for each other.


Live Online | 7:00-8:15 pm
13-20-27 October  10-17-24 November

let's explore together

p r o g r a m 

first week
a n a t o m y  
o f  m e d i t a t i o n

. The mind-body connection, postures, subtle anatomy and alignment that facilitate meditation.

. Yoga sequences to prepare the body for meditation and Meditation for the 5 Koshas.
second week
w a y s  a n d  e s s e n c e 
o f   m e d i t a t i o n 

. Experience of the different ways to reach the state of meditation and exploration of the essence common to the most popular meditation technique

. Meditative chanting with Mantras.
third week
n u r t u r i n g  t h e  p r e s e n c e   
in  a c t i v i t y  a n d  r e s t

. Meditative techniques to cultivate presence and refine awareness in daily living: attention to the breath and experience of "spaciousness"

. Meditation with Pranayama and Mudra
forth week
m e d i t a t i o n   a n d   
e n e r g y 

. The power of meditation in transforming the energy and clear our energy centers, creating healing at all levels - physical, mental, spiritual.

. Chakra cleansing ritual exercises and meditation.
fifth week
n a d a  y o g a 

. Practice of Nada Yoga - an ancient meditation and yoga technique aimed at inner listening and entirely focused on sound.

. Meditation on the inner sound
sixth week
a c c e s s i n g   t h e  s i l e n c e  

. We explore the natural connection to our most intimate essence and nature, immersing ourselves in our being, beyond doing. Reposing in the silence and peace that are of our true nature . When we allow ourselves to stop doing what is left is pure consciousness.

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